About Us

Funded Trading Plus is an extension of Trade Room Plus. Trade Room Plus started in 2013 and is the UK’s premier live trade room for retail traders. We are one of the very few trading educators that actually trades live and we have trained large numbers of retail traders to take profitable trades and make trading their full time profession.

A common problem retail traders face is that they only have access to a limited amount of money to trade with. They might understand good money management rules but in practice a small sum can only generate a small sum. They might be great traders but they will never have the funds to prove themselves and this is unfair. Our goal became to remove this inequality.

Wall Street and London City Trading Experts

With this in mind we started to have discussions with leading Wall Street and city of London trading experts: prop traders, brokers, liquidity providers and trading data specialists and from this we formed Funded Trading Plus. As Funded Trading Plus we aim to find and match talented retail traders with significant funding for mutual benefit. Lack of capital need no longer be a barrier to a talented trader’s success.

The Proprietary Funded Trading Model

The funded trading model has not been around long but there are some competitors in the market. We’ve done our due diligence and we’ve tried to ascertain how each different company operates. We urge you to please do your own due diligence, these companies vary enormously and it's difficult to directly compare. We’re not sure some of these models actually want you to succeed.

At Funded Trading Plus our business model is built from the ground up to be better than our competitors. We have an easy to understand Talented Trader Program and when we identify a talented trader we’ll fund them properly and set them up as a professional trader. We want and need our traders to succeed and consequently we’ll do everything we can to help our funded traders. For example our top funded traders will be able to trade whatever markets they want on whatever platform they choose and we’ll set them up with a Bloomberg terminal in their own home. Will any of our competitors do that or instead will they strangle your future trading with an unrealistically tight drawdown limit?

Available to Traders Worldwide

Funded Trading Plus is available to traders worldwide, trading talent has no boundaries and no age barrier : you could be a retired ex-Chicago trading pit monster, a Millennial in Boise Idaho or a surf lover in Hawaii, a farmer in Yorkshire, a factory worker in Minsk, or a city dweller in London, Paris, Sydney, Frankfurt or Geneva.