The Best Coupon Code for Funded Trading Plus

If you are looking for the best coupon code for Funded Trading Plus, then we can reveal the highest discount code available today.

The problem with searching the Internet for discount codes for Funded Trading Plus is that many of the codes available are out of date.  At Funded Trading Plus, we very much control the maximum discount available via coupon at any one time.  The Funded Trading Plus programs are very keenly priced and most of our competitors fail to deliver programs at better prices.  We offer our programs at competitive prices because our business model is based on traders winning on live accounts with real money and we don’t rely on the income from failed traders.

How to get the most up to date coupon code for Funded Trading Plus

It’s simple really, just ask.  Our Live Chat support team are a very important part of our programme.  They are there to help our traders with any problems they have and to answer your questions.  As far as possible,  we have virtually 24 hour Live Chat.  The support team are great and do everything they can to go out of their way to satisfy our knowledgeable and respected customers.  The support team are mentioned in nearly every positive review posted on Trust Pilot and we therefore have to thank them for our Five Star rating.  The Live Chat support staff at Funded Trading Plus have access to the most up-to-date discount codes available.  So just ask.

Step 1: Head to Funded Trading Plus Live Chat

Step 2: Say hello and ask for a Discount Code or Coupon

Step 4: Tell the support agent what program and what size

Step 5: Use the coupon at the checkout 

Our coupon codes can change daily, we might have a special promotion running or an offer just that day.  Whether you are buying the Experienced Trader Programme or Advanced Trader Programme: they are very likely to have the best available discount that day.  They will ask you which programme you are interested in and what size account.  From this they will be able to give you the best discount code.

Why do discount codes not work on the Master Trader Program?

None of the coupon discount codes that you may get from other sources on the internet will work on purchases of the Master Trader Program. Our live chat support staff do however sometimes have access to a special offer code for the Master Trader Program. You won’t find offers for the Master Trader Program anywhere else, from any of our affiliates on the internet or on Discord.  This is because the Master Trader Program is the most keenly priced direct funding program available in the prop trading space.  Please remember that pricing is about a number of factors, there is the US dollar amount you pay.  And then there are program rules that the trader has to abide by.  Some companies will be able to reduce the amount you pay by adding restrictive rules that reduce the amount you can make or increase your risk of failure.  Our Master Trader Program has the least rules of any direct funding program available.  It only has one rule, Relative Drawdown.

What is the Best Coupon to use on Funded Trading Plus Resets?

Coupons are not available on Funded Trading Plus Resets.  This is because resets are already heavily discounted at 20%.  The average available discount for resets with our competitors is normally 10%.  Ours is priced much cheaper so that our traders can feel comfortable resetting immediately and not concerning themselves with hunting for a non-existent discount code.  There are of course exceptions to this rule, but there may be very limited special offers at certain times.   Once again, just ask our Live Chat.

How to access our Live Chat Support Staff

Our Live Chat Support staff are available right now, we work 24 hours, 7 days a week. The chat button is on every page of our website, just look for the pop-up or head to our Contact Us page.