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The Real Deal – $173,597 Payout in 6 days!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our Trader Reveals +$200,000 Strategy! “This funded trader is the real deal” says Simon Massey, CEO and Managing Director of Funded Trading Plus in this video interview with Jongruck. Jungruck from Thailand earned $173,597.56 trading the US30 Dow Jones market in just 6 days and if she continues trading like this then Simon believes she could go on to become

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FTMO Account

FTMO Account

Reading Time: 8 minutes FTMO Account Vs FT+ Account Are you looking to open an FTMO account? If so check out this comparison of FTMO and Funded Trading Plus accounts. FTMO is one of the first online prop trading firms and now the biggest in the industry. Funded Trading Plus (FT+) is one of the newest. So why are many traders now choosing FT+

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Day trading for beginners

Day Trading For Beginners – 2024 Guide To Getting Started

Reading Time: 22 minutes This guide on day trading for beginners will help you to get started and provide you with the basic knowledge and resources needed if you have the drive, time and dedication available to become a successful day trader in 2024. Recent market volatility has caused a surge in the number of people looking to get into day trading and on

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Why 2024’s Resolutions Matter for Funded Traders

Reading Time: 5 minutes Achieving Forex Excellence: Why 2024’s Resolutions Matter for Funded Traders   Introduction   As we approach 2024, it’s time for forex funded traders to reflect on their past year’s performance and set new goals. Making and keeping New Year resolutions can be a transformative practice, especially in the high-stakes world of forex trading. Funded trading programs, like those offered by

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How Does GDP Affect Forex

How Does GDP Affect Forex?

Reading Time: 9 minutes How Does GDP Affect Forex   GDP is one of the most important indicators of a country’s economic health. When a country’s GDP is growing, it indicates that the economy is expanding and businesses are doing well. This usually leads to increases in employment and wages, which in turn boosts consumer spending. All of this activity results in demand for

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The Main Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 19 minutes Artificial intelligence is a hot subject both in person and online. Each day, we see many conflicting statements about the pros and coms of artificial intelligence and it seems like we think technology will either save us from all of the problems we currently have and those we’ll face in the future or cause even more issues than we could

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Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis, Which One Is Better?

Reading Time: 12 minutes Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two primary methods used by investors and traders to identify profitable investments and pick buy and sell points in the forex & stock market but which one is best? Ultimately, it is up to investors to decide whether technical analysis or fundamental analysis is better for them based on their trading style and

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