Empty Proprietary Trading Desks

Proprietary Trading

What is Proprietary Trading? The original definition of proprietary trading is financial trading – the buying and selling of equities, forex markets, bonds, and other financial securities, done by banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions on their own book, using their own money rather than on the behalf of their clients, for their own benefit. Through the ’70s, 80’s

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$6000 wage cheque

How much do forex or futures funded traders make?

If you are about to start a funded trader challenge with one of the main funded trading firms it’s quite likely that this is one of the questions you’d like to ask: How much can I earn trading forex or futures with your funded trading program? It’s also one of the first questions we investigated when we first heard about

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Trader compounds

Forex Trading Compound Interest Calculators – don’t work, do this instead.

The theory is sound and you’ll find thousands of articles telling you how you will get rich using compound interest in your forex or futures trading account. Many of these articles will quote Einstein and other respected genius theorists to validate their claims. Some will claim compound interest is the “Holy Grail” of trading (spoiler here: it’s not). So why

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Trader fails

Funded Trading: 4 reasons most are designed to make you fail

A funded forex or futures trading account may seem like a great idea, but our Funded Trading Accounts review looked closely at the business models used by the funded trading firms and many have some major drawbacks and limitations you need to be aware of. Let me be honest with you, my partners and I have been wanting to get

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