Drawdown Calculator


Please use the calculate function.

* Please note that withdrawing funds will not change your relative drawdown. For example, if the relative drawdown was $99,000 before a request, it will remain $99,000 after the request is processed. As such, if a payout makes you fall below the allowed relative drawdown, then the account will be closed. The reason for this is, just as if you owned your own account, you are expected to build up your own drawdown buffer. We simply offer additional funds for you to trade with. You really get to start doing this when drawdown stops moving when it reaches the original account balance (there is also no daily drawdown at this point on most accounts). From there, you can have a nice padding of drawdown and start making serious profits. It takes time to get to that point but is well worth it.
** This calculator is only for accounts that have not yet scaled. After you scale, our drawdown system works differently. Your daily drawdown can be removed and the relative drawdown becomes fixed at the balance you scaled to. For example, if you scaled to $1,000,000, the only drawdown-related metric to worry about is not going below $1,000,000. This number will not change with payouts, profit, or losses.
*** Daily drawdown resets at 23:59 server time, which is 16:59 EST. The easiest way to tell when it resets, though, is by watching the clock at the bottom of your MetaTrader. This is the server time and is the same for everyone. It's great as it eliminates the need for any timezone conversions.