Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Experienced and Advanced Trader Programs

There are no monthly fees on the Experienced & Advanced Trader programs. The program fee are a one off charge.

Yes. The aim of the Assessment is for us to make sure that you are a consistent trader without any capital risk. Unlike normal Demo accounts, our Assessment accounts perform in the same way as our Real Accounts do in the live market environment, so they will feel like normal live accounts. As our Assessment is set up to assess your ability without risking capital, You cannot withdraw profits on the assessment phase.

Within reason you can take as long as you like. However if no trades are taken over a 6 month period we may terminate the assessment.

Trades can be executed in both directions on the same market at the same time.

MT4 programs accounts cannot be used on MT5 and vice versa.
If you wish to change your program platform you can only do this if you have not started the program and taken any trades.
Yes, it is possible. We have to breach and close the first account and then open a new account. We do however have costs attached for doing so as we get charged by our broker per trading account creation. The fee you have paid so far only covers the first account and not the second one. By paying the broker in this way we are able to have the best trading spreads in the market.
The cost for changing the account is $25. If you would like us to go ahead and change your account please let us know via a support ticket. You can pay for the change here:
In MT4 or MT5 click view – click symbols
Symbols box pops up – click Index and Crypto
Click on the symbols (markets) you want active – then click show
This video also explains:
Markets now appear in the market watch panel.
Some of the US markets available:
S&P 500 ES is called SPX500.p
Nasdaq is NDX100.p
Russell is US2000.p
YM Dow Jones is US30.p

We have negotiated the most competitive rates from our broker available. Trading costs are minimal and the most competitive in the prop trading arena.

There are NO data fees that the trader needs to meet.

Our liquidity provider is EightCap, their spreads, swaps, and commission fees are the most competitive in the market. The markets you have available to you via Funded Trading Plus are their standard markets and these have spread and no commissions. Swaps are fees you pay for holding overnight for a week-long period. You can see the detail for each market on the platform. Some funded trading prop firms have added spread to their liquidity provider to increase their profits (and reduce the profitability of the traders). We have not done so and have no intention of doing so. You can find out more about EightCap’s spreads here:

Copytrading one of your own accounts across to our programs is allowed.

Our business is modeled around finding great traders for us to fund. We will not fund people who copy trades directly from somebody else.  Our job then becomes to identify the source trader and look to fund them. We will not fund people who have automatically copied another trader.

Traders who wish to multiply their account size up should first pass an evaluation and then scale up according to our program.

No, you can take as long as you need to pass the Assessment. We believe this helps take the pressure off and allows traders to risk the right amounts.

Yes. You can trade any strategy or style of trading you’d like.You can also trade with EAs, Algos or Bots. Please be mindful of the rules and limits when selecting strategies and EAs.

For our Experienced and Advanced Trader programs, we operate accounts on MT4 or MT5, during both the assessment and on our real accounts. We use 8Cap as our broker of choice. They offer the tightest spreads on the widest range of markets. 8Cap also has all of the major global regulatory licenses, so we are satisfied that not only will they pay out but also that our capital is secure.

All trades on our funded accounts are real trades executed on real markets through a broker. If your trades make money the profit is real and held by the broker. We only use a fully regulated and insured broker and the money is therefore guaranteed to be available to be paid out to our successful traders.

Unlike many other firms, we want consistent traders because together, we can profit for mutual benefit. This is the reason why we are very selective over the broker/s and liquidity providers that we work with. We know that our selection/s will pay out when you make a profit as they have global regulation. From our perspective, it is in our best interest to ensure you get your profits as this means you will continue to trade with us and ultimately that benefits us both long term.

Drawdown on funded accounts works in exactly the same way as it does on the evaluation programs.

The initial % drawdown allowance of a Funded Account is the same as the evaluation account you choose.

If the account is in profit you may withdraw at anytime. You can make up to one withdrawal request a week. The profit you withdraw will be split 80% to you and 20% to Funded Trading Plus.

Most traders on live Funded Accounts will usually aim to keep a drawdown buffer of at least 10% in the account. The drawdown level ignores withdrawals and is calculated from the balance of the account as if no withdrawals have been made.

Your drawdown allowance moves up with account profit above the starting balance level until it meets the starting balance level. And this is where it then remains no matter how much profit you then make.

On a live Advanced Trader Account, once you have reached 10% profit, the drawdown no longer trails and the total account size becomes your lowest point of drawdown. This means if you are on a $100,000 account and you achieve $111,000 you would now have a total drawdown allowance of 11%. In this example, your account can not go below $100,000 once $110,000 is achieved. Please be aware that when you come to withdraw your profits, you should leave a sensible amount in your account to cover any drawdown you might expect. This is because your account cannot fall below the total allocated to you (in this example that would be $100,000).

  • Profit Share

  • 80% and then 90%.

  • We operate a 80/20 split, with 80% of profits going to you and 20% going to us. Once users have achieved a 20% profit target on their Real Account, all profits over this amount can be changed to a 90/10 split (90% going to you and 10% going to us) upon request.

  • Example 1

  • Balance in account = $115,000.

  • Total Drawdown Limit = $15,000.

  • Trader withdraws $6000. Trader gets $4800 (80%).

  • Account size is now $109,000.

  • $109,000 – $100,000 = $9000.

  • Trader has a $9000 total drawdown allowance or 9%.

  • Example 2

  • Balance in account = $110,000.

  • Total Drawdown Limit = $10,000.

  • Trader withdraws $10,000. Trader gets $8000 (80%).

  • Account size is now $100,000

  • $100,000 – $100,000 = $0.

  • Trader has no drawdown, the account is automatically closed.

Initially the profit split is 80/20. Once traders achieve 20% profit, they can request a 90/10 profit split moving forward.

We are planning on adding TradingView very soon. Please let us know via a Support Ticket, if this is important to you.

Neither NinjaTrader or Tradestation are connected to our platform and are not required.

If you want to make your trading decisions on NinjaTrader or Tradestation you can continue to do so and you can execute the trades on MT4 or MT5. Many professional traders prefer to execute trades on a different platform from their analysis. This gives them a few seconds to re-consider the trade execution and this can help their profitability.

Our traders also do not need to pay the high exchange connection fees associated with trading on NinjaTrader and Tradestation.

Please see this article on  CFDs Vs Futures



The unedited customer satisfaction survey is published here:

If you fail an evaluation you will be offered the opportunity to reset at a discounted price. Prices for programs and resets are subject to regular assessment and may change.

This video playlist will help you set-up and start to use MetaTrader – MT4/MT5 platforms quickly:

Talented Trader Program

The Talented Trader Program offers traders the opportunity to prove to us that they can be an exciting prospect for our Funded Trading program. Traders that pass our program will be invited to trade our money for their personal gain at our risk.

The program asks traders to take 125 trades with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 on a range of forex, E-mini futures, and Index markets. Traders that achieve a win rate of 40% or above are rewarded for their work. Our aim is to reward the most profitable traders with access to significant trading capital. Our most talented traders, 55% and above win rates can be rewarded with access to $500,000 capital and will be given a $20,000 cash starting bonus.

Unlike most other funded trading firms we keep the trading rules of the Talented Trader Program very simple.

Just identify potential trade ideas for any of the markets available in the portal using your own skill and judgement.  You will need to identify the price you would like the trade to be executed at, and place the trade order in the Talented Trader Portal with the stop distance you think approriate for the trade. If the trade is activated and moves a distance twice that of the stop the is marked as a winner and if the market moves to the stop first the trade is marked as a loss.

A trade closed early at a negative price is marked as a loss and a trade closed early at a positive price or at breakeven is cancelled and not marked as a loss. No loss trades are not counted in your win-loss percentage.

Each trade must be consecutive. You cannot run more than one trade at a time.

You may hold trades over news, overnight and over weekends.

When you have completed 125 trades the Talented Trader Program ends and you will be given a win-loss percentage score. This score determines the level of funding that will be made available to you.

Each market has a minimum stop size, usually 25 pts.

The Talented Trader Portal is an online portal available via web browsers and a mobile app. The portal is where our Talented Trader Program traders are able to execute their 125 trades and where they can view their trading record.

The portal is NOT a broker charting platform. A video explanation of the portal will soon be available here.

The following markets are available to trade on the Talented Trader Program:

Forex Pairs


Index and Futures

  • FTSE – UK100
  • DAX – GER 30
  • S&P 500 – US500
  • Dow – US30
  • NASDAQ – TECH100
  • E-Mini S&P 500

No. The Talented Trader Program is a fixed fee.

On the Talented Trader Program evaluation, there is no profit or loss metric. 

On the Talented Trader Program, you can only take one trade at a time.

Experienced traders are usually comfortable viewing charts through their preferred platform. We encourage traders to stay with their preferred platform and just use the webtrader to execute.

You can use MT4 charts for your analysis. This can be for a live or demo trading account. You can sign up for a demo trading account here and get MT4 for free. MT4 is the most used platform for retail traders across the world and you will be able to find many resources to help and guide you online in nearly every language. Here is a short YouTube video course to help you get started with MT4.

Trading View also provides charts for all of the markets you can trade on the Talented Trader Platform for free.

There are many other charting packages you can use but you may have to pay a monthly subscription for real-time data feeds. These include ProRealTime, Trading View, Ninja Trader, eSignal etc.

If you’d like further help to select a charting package please contact us here.

There may be a slight difference in price at times but this is normal. Price is always dependent on the offer available from the liquidity provider at the time of the trade. Please let us know if there are any significant differences and we will investigate. The price on our portal is the price that matters for your evaluation.

If you think that our trades prices have unfairly closed a trade for a loss, you may request for us to investigate. We will check the prices that were available during the execution of the trade on Bloomberg and will either reset the trade as a win or we will cancel the trade. We will discuss this with you to help come to a fair decision.

You may use any resources you feel appropriate to aid your trading. You will however have to manually submit your trade orders in the Talented Trader Portal.

The Funded Trading Plus Talented Trader Program does not have a set time limit. The program requires the trader to take 125 individual and consecutive trades and when the trader wins 55% of these trades or completes the 125 trades, the program ends. Traders who have achieved 50% or greater win rate will then get funding and a cash bonus. Traders who get 40% get their fee returned and those that get 45% also get a cash bonus and the opportunity to try again.

Yes for the Experienced and Advanced Programs. You can trade any strategy or style of trading you’d like.You can also trade with EAs, Algos or Bots. Please be mindful of the rules and limits when selecting strategies and EAs.
No for the Talented Trader Program. You cannot use these primarily because our web platform doesn’t allow it. You are welcome to manually copy such trades to our web blessed platform.

We don’t want successful traders to change their successful trading style, that could be very counterproductive. We do need traders to work with the limitations of the program and you may need to make some adjustments to your trading accordingly. The most important question to ask yourself before taking each trade is: Can this trade reach a target that is twice the size of the stop?

Yes, as long as you have not taken any trades on the account. Please contact us via a support ticket. We cannot refund any programs that have been started.


Funded traders will be classified as independent contractors. As a UK company, we are not linked to the IRS in the US and we are under no obligation to provide them with information on the earnings of US-based contractors.  We will give you a contractor service agreement and you will invoice us. It will then be up to you how you report your earnings in the states. This is the way we have been to work with US contractors, if you think this wrong, please let us know – we are happy to investigate and use other solutions.


The program asks traders to take 125 trades with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 on a range of forex, E-mini futures, and Index markets. Traders that achieve a win rate of 40% or above are rewarded for their work. Our aim is to reward the most profitable traders with access to significant trading capital. Our most talented traders, 55% and above win rates can be rewarded with access to $500,000 capital and will be given a $20,000 cash starting bonus.

Funded traders will be classified as independent contractors. We will give you a contractor service agreement and you will invoice us. It will then be up to you to report your earnings to HMRC.


Funded traders will be classified as independent contractors. We will give you a contractor service agreement and you will invoice us. It will then be up to you to report your earnings to your relevant tax authorities.


All funded traders work as contractors for Funded Trading Plus. You will be asked to sign a service agreement before the funded trading account is allocated.

Funded Trader Service Agreement

No. When you become a Funded Trader we will need to be able to pay into bank account. You will understand that it’s not possible for us to pay into a bank if the name on the bank account does not match the name on the trading account.

It is legal for US citizens to trade our funded trading markets. Funded trading activities are not regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

US citizens are banned from opening CFD trading accounts using their own money and brokers in the US are not allowed to directly offer CFD accounts to US citizens. Funded Trading Plus (FT+) does not offer US citizens the opportunity to open and fund CFD accounts themselves as this would be against the regulations. 
FT+ is a UK company that sells the opportunity to pass a trading test – our Evaluation and Advanced Trader Programs. This test is on a trading platform, MT4 or MT5, that is connected to CFD markets. The trader is not investing their own money in trading the CFD markets. They do not open a CFD account. US citizens therefore can buy the opportunity to pass the trading tests and no SEC regulations are broken.
When traders pass the test they are given access to a Funded Trading Plus trading account that has CFD markets. The account is owned by FT+ and not the trader. The trader acts as a contractor for FT+ and is paid according to the profits made. The funded trader does not open or trade a CFD account that they own or have invested their own money in.
In both cases, the evaluation trader and the funded trader never have their own money invested in the CFD markets. These traders are not subject to regulation by the SEC.
The client-to-broker relationship on the funded trading accounts exists between FT+ and the broker. The regulation of the broker is important to us as it is our money invested in the broker trading accounts. The investor is holding company FTP London Ltd and the broker is EightCap. The relationship between FTP London Ltd and Eightcap is under Global regulation.

You may trade one evaluation account at a time. When you become a funded trader if you then take and pass a further evaluation test, we may reject giving you further funding. Please discuss with us before purchasing.

The best and most effective way of increasing your account size is to follow our scale-up plan. Note: trading 2 x 100k accounts gives you 2 x 10k drawdown it does not give you 20K drawdown.

Risk Management Assessment


All traders who reach the profit target of their evaluation will have their trades assessed by our risk management team before a funded traded account is approved. If the risk management team sees evidence of trading that is deemed to not follow proper trade risk management we reserve the right to not give the trader a funded account.


A trader who looks to take a limited number of trades at maximum leverage and finds that these trades hit the profit target will not have shown us sufficient evidence of proper risk management.


A trade is not necessarily defined by a single trade execution on our trading platform. A trade may also be multiple executions or similar entries on the same market and held at the same time.


In normal circumstances the trader will be given the benefit of the doubt. We have found however that there are people who are prepared to accept the loss of their fee and take extreme over-leveraged trades to pass their evaluation phase/s in hours or days. Putting these people in the real market with real money would result in significant losses to our capital. This would reduce our ability to continue to provide our great traders with funding.


Funded Trading Plus is looking to find and work in partnership with real traders who want to be put in the real market to earn real money.