Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions that are not covered below or if you would like further information.

The Talented Trader Program offers traders the opportunity to prove to us that they can be an exciting prospect for our Funded Trading program. Traders that pass our program will be invited to trade our money for their personal gain at our risk.

The program asks traders to take 125 trades with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 on a range of forex, E-mini futures, and Index markets. Traders that achieve a win rate of 40% or above are rewarded for their work. Our aim is to reward the most profitable traders with access to significant trading capital. Our most talented traders, 55% and above win rates can be rewarded with access to $500,000 capital and will be given a $20,000 cash starting bonus.

Unlike most other funded trading firms we keep the trading rules of the Talented Trader Program very simple.

Just identify potential trade ideas for any of the markets available in the portal using your own skill and judgement.  You will need to identify the price you would like the trade to be executed at, and place the trade order in the Talented Trader Portal with the stop distance you think approriate for the trade. If the trade is activated and moves a distance twice that of the stop the is marked as a winner and if the market moves to the stop first the trade is marked as a loss.

A trade closed early at a negative price is marked as a loss and a trade closed early at a positive price or at breakeven is cancelled and not marked as a loss. No loss trades are not counted in your win-loss percentage.

Each trade must be consecutive. You cannot run more than one trade at a time.

You may hold trades over news, overnight and over weekends.

When you have completed 125 trades the Talented Trader Program ends and you will be given a win-loss percentage score. This score determines the level of funding that will be made available to you.

The minimum stop size is 25 pips/pts on all markets.

Find out more about 1:2 risk vs reward trading here.

The Talented Trader Portal is an online portal available via web browsers and a mobile app. The portal is where our Talented Trader Program traders are able to execute their 125 trades and where they can view their trading record.

The portal is NOT a broker charting platform. A video explanation of the portal will soon be available here.

The following markets are available to trade on the Talented Trader Program:

Forex Pairs
Index and Futures
  • FTSE – UK100
  • DAX – GER 30
  • S&P 500 – US500
  • Dow – US30
  • NASDAQ – TECH100
  • E-Mini S&P 500
  • E-Mini Nasdaq-100
  • E-Mini Dow
We keep the trade process simple so you can concentrate on your personal trade analysis.

You can use MT4 charts for your analysis. This can be for a live or demo trading account. You can sign up for a demo trading account here and get MT4 for free. MT4 is the most used platform for retail traders across the world and you will be able to find many resources to help and guide you online in nearly every language. Here is a short YouTube video course to help you get started with MT4.

Trading View also provides charts for all of the markets you can trade on the Talented Trader Platform for free.

There are many other charting packages you can use but you may have to pay a monthly subscription for real-time data feeds. These include ProRealTime, Trading View, Ninja Trader, eSignal etc.

If you’d like further help to select a charting package please contact us here.

There may be a slight difference in price at times but this is normal. Price is always dependent on the offer available from the liquidity provider at the time of the trade. Please let us know if there are any significant differences and we will investigate. The price on our portal is the price that matters for your evaluation.

If you think that our trades prices have unfairly closed a trade for a loss, you may request for us to investigate. We will check the prices that were available during the execution of the trade on Bloomberg and will either reset the trade as a win or we will cancel the trade. We will discuss this with you to help come to a fair decision.

You may use any resources you feel appropriate to aid your trading. You will however have to manually submit your trade orders in the Talented Trader Portal.

We will be making a video shortly showing how to use the Portal.

If you require trader training to improve your trading and to help you pass the Talented Trader program we recommend you join Trade Room Plus. You can get a 14 day free trial to their live trade room here.

The Funded Trading Plus Talented Trader Program does not have a set time limit. The program requires the trader to take 125 individual and consecutive trades and when the trader wins 55% of these trades or completes the 125 trades, the program ends. Traders who have achieved 50% or greater win rate will then get funding and a cash bonus. Traders who get 40% get their fee returned and those that get 45% also get a cash bonus and the opportunity to try again.

How long it takes to execute the required trades depends entirely on the trader and their personal trading style. Some will be trading in quite short time frames and may be able to execute a few trades a day at the other end of the scale there will be some traders who only get to execute one trade a week. The short term trader might be able to complete the program in a month whilst the longer term trader, taking one trade a week, will take over 2 years to complete the program.


Prior to the launch of Funded Trading Plus we had the program tested and trialled by a good number of experienced and less experienced traders from a variety of backgrounds. The shortest completion of the program so far is 5 weeks and the longest is still ongoing.

We want to find unquestionably talented traders. There are great traders who are able to take many trades a day. They will be working off 5 Minute, 15 Minute and 1 Hour charts on a number of different markets. Equally there are great traders who will only look at  Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts. A healthy proprietary trading firm should have a balanced mix of both.

We don’t want successful traders to change their successful trading style, that could be very counterproductive. We do need traders to work with the limitations of the program and you may need to make some adjustments to your trading accordingly. The most important question to ask yourself before taking each trade is: Can this trade reach a target that is twice the size of the stop?

We do. Unlike traditional proprietary trading firms we do not fund traders with investors’ money. This means our funded traders are not forced to meet profitability targets set to satisfy the investors and means we do not need to skim a large proportion of the profits to pay the investors.

A large proportion of the Talented Trade Program fee is invested by Funded Trading Plus using a specially designed algorithm. The revenue from the program is combined with a pool of investment funds that have been created with the aim of funding successful traders. A proportion of our share of the profit generated by our funded traders is set aside for the funding of new traders.

$500. Remember that we only take a 20% cut of the amount you choose to withdraw. For example: You choose to withdraw $1,000. We would split the profit 80/20. This means you would receive $800 and we would keep $200, in this example total $1,000 would be withdrawn from the capital platform.

You simply need to make a request to our team via email, we will give you an online form to fill in. Once filled in you will invoice us with the amount you wish to withdraw and the funds will be deposited into your personal account.

Four per month. It can take up to 10 business days for the funds to reach your account.

Our aim is to have successful and wealthy traders.

All funded traders have a named risk manager who is available to guide and assist the trader when required. Our top $500,000 account traders are also provided with access to a personal wealth accountant to help them manage their earnings and personal tax.

When traders pass the Talented Trader Program and become funded traders they work as freelance contractors. The service agreement for funded trader contractors is available here:

Traders are not school educated, there are usually life educated. Successful traders come from all levels of education. The markets do not discriminate and neither do we.

Our Talented Trader Program aims to find traders that can analyse market movements and execute trades effectively for profit. Our rules are not designed to hamper the trader and we try to keep the rules simple.

Take 125 trades
This is the number of trades that must be executed to complete the program. There is no minimum or maximum time restriction placed on the trader to execute the trades.

Trade in either direction
Traders can trade long or short but cannot take opposite hedging positions.

Give each trade stop price
Stop prices determine when a losing position is closed for a loss. The trader can decide where to place the stop.
Minimum stop size is 25 pips in all markets.

Stop size determines the profit target
All profit targets are set at 2 x stop size, a risk reward ratio of 1:2

Trades that hit the profit target before the stop position are counted as a successful trade.

Trades that hit the stop position before the profit target are counted as losing trades.
Stop position can be moved during the period the trade is open. Doing so does not reduce the profit target.

Trades that are stopped out for profit after a stop move by the trader or at breakeven after a stop move by the trader are not counted as either wins or losses. These trades do not count against the 125 trades target.

Profit from trades is not important – we are looking at traders’ win rate.

There is no drawdown limit on the trades taken.

One trade at a time. Each trade must be closed before the next trade can be placed and executed.

The Talented Trader program ends when the trader wins 55% – 69 winning trades or loses more than 60% > 75 losing trades.

Experienced traders are usually comfortable viewing charts through their preferred platform. We encourage traders to stay with their preferred platform and just use the portal to execute.

Our broker is able to provide a number of different trading platforms. You will be able to agree with your assigned risk manager to trade via the platform you are most comfortable with. 

Our aim is to find successful traders and to keep them happy. The funded trader can trade all of the same markets that are on the Talented Trader Portal. We will discuss with the trader other markets that the trader wishes to trade and will normally agree to these unless there are significant risks associated with the other markets the trader wishes to trade.

The funded trader is given a great deal of freedom to trade generally as they prefer. Each funded trader is assigned a risk manager who is available to help and advise the trader at all times.

Is not our intention to remove funded traders unless their trading exceeds our risk management parameters.

Maximum individual trade size is 2% risk
Maximum cumulative trades on the same market is 4% risk
Maximum drawdown in a month is 20%
Total maximum drawdown is 50%

Withdrawals can only be made from the profit made by the trader on the funded account.

No. The account is in our name. It’s our money and we are giving you access to it so that you can make a significant profit.

Funded Trading accounts are professional-level accounts. The tax you may need to pay will depend on your personal circumstances and where you live. When you are earning a significant sum from your funded account, tax is a good problem to have.

The support package for our $500,000 funded traders includes access to a tax account.

Please feel free to contact us about this.

Our top $500,000 funded traders deserve the best support possible, consequently, if it is important to their style of trading, we will provide them with a Bloomberg terminal in their own home. This terminal will give them access to news and data at an institutional speed level. Learn how to become one of our top funded traders.

To make money trading forex you need to start with a substantially large trading account. Online prop trading firms will give good traders a large account to trade and you could easily make $10,000-$20,000 per month.  But is this a fantasy pipe dream or can it be made into a reality?

To make money trading E-mini futures you need to start with a substantially large trading account. Online prop trading firms will give good traders a large account to trade and you could easily make $10,000-$20,000 per month.  But is this a fantasy pipe dream or can it be made into a reality?

Most beginning forex traders are dreamers with an unrealistic expectation of riches to come. Consequently, most traders struggle, they certainly never get to earn the sums they want and they usually lose a great deal of money. How to make money trading.

Most beginning E-mini futures traders are dreamers with an unrealistic expectation of riches to come. Consequently, most traders struggle, they certainly never get to earn the sums they want and they usually lose a great deal of money. How to make money trading.

Failure in trading, whether forex, E-mini, index, or crypto, is due to many factors including a lack of training and a lack of trading discipline. However, the greatest factor that leads to the downfall of nearly every trader is the underfunding of their account. Traders’ broker accounts are just too small. Learn more.

There are a number of online prop trading firms that give traders the chance to pass a trading test to then be funded for trading.  Funded Trading Plus will fund traders with $500,000 and gives successful traders a $20,000 starting bonus.

There are a number of forex and futures online trading funding firms willing to give retail (normal individual people) traders a large trading account. The main companies are listed and compared on the table. The choice of which company you chose is a personal one, please do your own research and make sure you fully understand the differences between the different business models. See table for comparison. 

Due to the nature of how your program fee is invested, we are unable to give refunds. 

Funded Trading Plus is part of CAD2013 Ltd a UK registered company. 

Funded Trading Plus is not a broker and does offer financial trading advice. 

The Talented Trader Program is not a regulated business and does not fall into the financial service regulation categories for a finance business of the USA, Europe or the UK financial regulators.


No. Funded Trading Plus is not a broker and no broker accounts are opened when traders purchase the Talented Trader Program.