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Funded Trading Plus Review

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Making Funded Trading Plus the Best Prop Firm in 2022

We’ve put a lot of hard work into building our funded trading programs to make sure we start off 2022 well. Our aim is to be the best prop firm in the funded trading business in 2022. The way we will achieve this is by delivering great programs with great customer service. And by ensuring that we listen to all our customers and make adjustments to how we work on a continuous basis. If you get sent one of our surveys, please take your time, we really will appreciate the work you will put into doing your Funded Trading Plus review.

Every customer gets sent a Customer Service Survey after they have started the program and have had an opportunity to judge our service to date. Customer surveys can normally expect to get responses from only a small percentage of customers. The number of responses we’ve had since our launch December 16th 2021 are therefore very good and encouraging.

This post will be updated regularly and is made available unedited.


Funded Trading Plus Review

First Publish Date: 03/01/2022

Forms response chart. Question title: Which FT+ program or programs have you tried. Number of responses: 25 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: On a scale of 10, please tell us how well you think we compare to our competitors?. Number of responses: 25 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: How likely are you to recommend FT+ to your friends?. Number of responses: 25 responses.

What do you think of the rules on our program and how does this compare to your experience on other programs – please feel free to name competitors?25 responses
Rules are fine. I am still weighing up if the daily drawdown is too low. I traded to the drawdown limit and shortly after my signature trade set up to which I could not react and would have given me decent profit.
Soft rules are perfect, they are here to protect us and not to fail us.
Finally a company run by real life traders for real life traders. The rules are very fair and the whole program is designed to give traders a very fair chance of achieving financial success and of course for the company itself. Proud to be part of a futures thinking team – pun intended 🙂
I believe the combination for being able to trade a more efficient instrument like CFD’s and using the platform make for much better chance of qualifying compared to any other funded trading service being offered. Apex has come to the market with a program that has some appeal, however the limitations of the industry itself and the instruments pose significant head winds compared to the CFD market.
I think your rules are simple and i know i can pass.
You are the best. Others dont have this flexibility
I like the soft rules on stops and hold over. Seems very fair. I like the lack of a time limit. Helps with anxiety in trading mindset.
I just believe the rules of ft+ are the best so far compared to my forex fund FTMO The funded trader etc l. Ft+ is a boss all round so far with the following reasons 1.every week withdrawal 2.holding trades over the weekend over the weekend(crypto baby)😀😀
a bit less
Much Better Than Apex
Great in my mind
Extremely fair and appropriate to support the funded trader
I think the rules are great compared to others. I have tried the leeloo and it was not clear to me that I had to make the same profit target once I passed it the first time, So I switched to earn2trade. And leeloo has complicated rules for withdrawals I think the monthly fee on earn2trade is causing me stress, So I have not focused that much on the account. You have 2 hard simple rules, and I have. It heard of any other that have your conditions, To me, you are the best
More soft rules and a large draw down limit
No time limit to pass the challenges
Wayy better then ftmo and other program where they just ripp people of fees
I dont like the rule close orders on weekend.
This is a new platform for me and I am used to Futures. The rules of this program appear to be fair and don’t put a deadline on a trader to reach a goal which is how it should be if trading is seen to be a method of investment as opposed to a way to quick riches which it certainly is not when the pressure of succeeding within 20 days before being slogged with another monthly fee
your rules are as good or better than any other funded trader I have looked at
Not done funding before but your accounts seem to be created to benefit the trader so I am confident I have chosen wisely
The rules are very fair and designed to help traders be successful, without the tight time restraints found in other programs.
Rules are better then the other companies.
Haven’t had time to review yet
Although I have not traded on other funded accounts I have looked at other accounts (FTMO, My forex funds) , your rules appear to be very clear and less restrictions than other providers.
Rules are generous than other funding companies.
How was execution and spreads on your evaluation and or funded account? How does this compare with others?25 responses
They are fine.
It is ok. No unreal wick or spread
Funded Trading Plus has partnered with a world class broker with quite possibly the tightest spreads in the industry – period.
Excellent execution and ease of use of the platform; the spreads are tight as well. It is a very professional program and the clearing firm managing the execution is excellent as well.
once i worked out it was the direct feed to use with the i suffix i think your spreads are ok
It was good
Have not traded yet. Waiting until after the new year starts.
Spread is good in most pairs I trades i am generally happy
execution was not good. spread was competitive but commission was too much
I forgot how nice the platform is…
good but I move stop loss in NT8 like trail stop does not allow me to do that so I have more losses than I would have had.
The best by far for crypto
I have not started to trade yet since it is holidays, but spreads is very important, And really important when you’re scalping. The commissions on the micro contracts on earn2trade is eating up a lot of profit, so I will compare it once I start to trade
Havent traded yet.
Good tight spread
Keep requoting on cryptos… Execution not too good entry and exit…
The spreads is very good
Have not used yet as waiting for volume to return to normal after the Xmas break
This is the first time I am trying a non futures account. Still feeling out the process
I haven’t started the evaluation trades yet but have my own account with 8Cap which are good.
Spreads are fair and consistent which is not always found in other service providers.
I have no trouble with execution.
Haven’t tried it yet
Executions on eightcap has been very good ,spreads also are low , in the short time that I have been trading on the account I have had no problems
It was good.
What was your experience of our customer service and could we improve this?25 responses
Good service.
Genuine customer service and shown empathy and understanding for potential traders.
Customer Service has been timely and professional.
I’ve not used your customer service just yet
Excellent happy about it
Have not used it yet.
Customer service is great since I have contact details of the founders Simon to be specific I contact him during the week even in the weekends he will still answer the call or watsapp
yes, needs improvement
So far … good
very good
Excellent as always
When I have contacted you, you always answer fast, so the service is great. And I trust you, so I know it is only to contact you if I have any issues
SO far very responsive.
Was reliable…
I didn’t use support
Si on has been great in answering all questions with almost no wait time which is excellent when you think our time zones are completely opposite
I had a problem with the mini terminal taking trades and the communication and desire to fix the problem was excellent.
I think you offer great support and are open and honest which is a big plus. I also like the live trade rooms as trading can be a lonely place so good to see how professionals trade.
So far customer service has been excellent.
A+ Excellent
Customer service is good ,I had one querry with the account but it was answered very quickly
General comments/ideas. Please feel free to make comments on areas not mentioned above19 responses
No other comments at the moment.
Without being nationalist (for international traders) its great to see a company promoting Great British values of fairness, transparency and no small print surprises of any kind.
I really enjoyed the process thus far and should be qualified inside of 15 days of joining.
I have nothing to add just yet except I’m happy that my account will be real in the market and the fact you are real traders with absolutely no bullshit. To improve you could offer a certificated course maybe free training and tools as paying for training is an obstacle to most would be traders wanting a prop firm.
Nothing at the moment
The only reservation I have is that the program is so new and has no track record. But everyone starts at the beginning and I have chosen to trust the company until it gives me a reason not too.
I just want to see FT+ grow big and help a lot that are under funded i mean if the founders have being hosting trade room plus for morethan 5 years in front of everyone non stop what could make FT+ stop their service any time soon
I was not knowledgable about the pips for stop loss but your video help get started but the mini trade window is not allowed on minor market like us2000
I really think you have found a great program, and I hope I will get funded with you, To start a great relationship with you guys
Would have preferred not to use the platform. Get your broker to build a Trading view connector.
It will be good if we can have positions on weekends to cater for the Swing trades
Great program…
I was skeptical in joining due to time zone differences and only wanting to use Simons room for the first hour so did not join as it made no sense but with this program and platform I feel no pressure to trade if I simply can’t wait up or I can trade the currencies in the London session. Simon and his team come across as traders first and foremost and not marketeers trying to sell the dream. I am looking forward to being in the room in the New Year
It is nice to be able to communicate with the staff at FundedTraderPlus. You are definitely on the traders side and do not use this as a money grab. Also on this questionnaire, maybe just ask to use the first name and last initial in order to publish comments.
A really key part of the program is the relaxed, no time pressure, way of allowing traders to wait for their preferred setups/conditions. I have not done any other funded trading but I could not find any that matched TRP’s program of support and reward.
Funded Trading Plus by it’s actions will change the industry by supporting new and experienced traders with an opportunity to be successful based on the trader’s abilities.
I personally prefer to trade with cTrader platform, would be nice to see it as a choice in the future
Too early for me to tell but so far so god
I am very happy with the service that you have provided

Thank you for your comments

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