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Funded Trading Plus Review

Making Funded Trading Plus the Best Prop Firm in 2022

We’ve put a lot of hard work into building our funded trading programs to make sure we start off 2022 well. Our aim is to be the best prop firm in the funded trading business in 2022. The way we will achieve this is by delivering great programs with great customer service. And by ensuring that we listen to all our customers and make adjustments to how we work on a continuous basis. If you get sent one of our surveys, please take your time, we really will appreciate the work you will put into doing your Funded Trading Plus review.

Every customer gets sent a Customer Service Survey after they have started the program and have had an opportunity to judge our service to date. Customer surveys can normally expect to get responses from only a small percentage of customers. The number of responses we’ve had since our launch December 16th 2021 are therefore very good and encouraging.

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Funded Trading Plus Review

First Publish Date: 03/01/2022

Forms response chart. Question title: Which FT+ program or programs have you tried. Number of responses: 25 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: On a scale of 10, please tell us how well you think we compare to our competitors?. Number of responses: 25 responses.