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We are searching for experienced traders who are able to predict how the market will move. If you are able to demonstrate your talent for trading through our programs, you'll be invited to join our team. You'll be able to maximise your potential whilst being treated like a VIP, thanks to our exceptional support package which is designed to nurture your talent.

Our programs are designed to be straightforward, transparent and fair. We have simple and clear rules. We believe that pressuring people to trade by imposing time limits makes people make bad decisions, this is why we don’t charge monthly fees. If you're an experienced trader you’ll be able to move through the trades quite quickly. If you're less experienced, you may take a little longer. Unlike many firms in the market, we actually want high quality traders accessing funding with us.


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Our staff maintains a server on a popular instant messaging service—Discord—which allows traders to get fast help from support agents and chat with those who are already making profit on our programs. Use the button below to join the community.

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Trading Platforms

TradingView with Eightcap

TradingView platform is now available. Many believe that this gives them a leg up in the markets as TradingView is becoming increasingly popular for the detailed information it gives on tradable assets.

MT5 from Eightcap

MT5 from Eightcap is one of the world's most popular platforms used by foreign exchange traders. This option is most used by our cryptocurrency traders as it gives access to over 250 of them.

MT4 from Eightcap

MT4 from Eightcap was developed specifically for the foreign exchange market. Although MT4 does not offer support for as many cryptocurrencies, it is extremely popular with traders. This is because it has had extensive third party development. For example, if you prefer to work with Expert Advisors, MT4 may offer you many more options.


The Funded Trading Plus Advantage

Funded Trading Plus was founded to break the mold of the Prop trading world. We didn't come to the
market to just offer more of the same, we wanted to offer the best programs. Here are some of the reasons we're unique.


Live accounts on real live servers.

Our founders are real traders and have been educating traders since 2013.

The only funded trading firm to offer 250+ crypto markets on top of the usual forex, index and commodity markets.

We designed our programs from research and surveys of what traders actually want and value. We didn’t want to just create another generic series of programs.

We actually desire high quality traders, unlike many industry leaders

Funded Trading Plus offers world-class support to make sure that all you have to worry about is trading. Let us know how we can help.

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Why Choose Funded
Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is committed to offering a wide range of programs that have been designed by our experts to suit almost every different types of trader. Not only this, but we carefully design our programs to help our traders to minimise their chances of breaching any rules, because we want our traders to enjoy long term success and to continue working with us for many years to come.

Funded Trading Plus

The #1 Trusted Firm in the industry on Trustpilot

Have rules which are simple, fair and easy to follow

Have specialist programs designed by professional traders

Enable you to scale up to $2,500,000

Allow you to withdraw your profits weekly

Trusted by real traders

Other Funded Trading Firms

Have rules that are designed to make you fail

Fail you for trading over news

Tempt you into over leveraging your trades

Fail you for trading into a weekend

Rush you

Charge you monthly fees


Our Partner Broker

We execute all trades on the Experienced and Advanced Trader programs through EightCap. EightCap is an award winning broker with some of the most competitive spreads in the market enabling you to trade major forex pairs with zero spread. You can see live spreads here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see this page to understand how drawdown works on our programs:

Yes. We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Binance Pay

We refund fees on the Experienced Trader and Advanced Trader Programs once traders reach 10% profit on their live account upon request

Fees are not refundable on The Master Trader Program.

There are no monthly fees with this program. The program fee is a one off charge

Yes, evaluations are a demo account. The reason you undergo an evaluation is to ensure that you are a consistent trader. Our evaluation accounts perform exactly like a live account. We do this to prepare you for a live trading account which takes place in a live trading environment.

You can take as long as required to pass the evaluation, but to keep an account active, you will need to place at least one trade on the account every 30 days.

Our platform allows both long and short positions on the same market at the same time. You cannot take the opposite positions on more than one account (this is the case on an evaluation or live account). Doing this is considered cheating, and the account will be closed with no refund. An example of opposite positions would be trading GOLD long on one account and then GOLD short on another account. This is also known as ‘grid trading’.

Your live account would only expire in the event that there is no trading activity on it within a 30-day period. This is in order to free up funds for other traders, and we will, of course, notify you prior to this happening.

Your evaluation account would only expire in the event that there is no trading activity on it within a 30-day period. We believe this helps take the pressure off and allows traders to risk the right amounts.

We have an extensive range of Forex, Index markets, commodities and numerous cryptocurrencies you can trade.

Please see a full list here:


We have KYC (Know Your Customer) identity checks for all of our customers. This is required for the prevention of crime. If you have completed KYC for us previously, you do not need to do so again.

The identity checks only take a couple of minutes and are easy to complete. The checks will recognise documents and photo ID from over 200 countries.

We need all customers to complete KYC before we can process any withdrawals or sign any contracts, so doing it upon account creation will prevent delays on receiving your funded account and withdrawals will be processed faster. Please ensure you complete your KYC within 3 days or your account will be paused until completed.

If you cannot complete KYC automatically, please contact us via support ticket, and we can do this manually.

Yes. You can trade any strategy or style of trading you would like.You can also trade with EAs, Algos or Bots. Please be mindful of the program rules and limits when selecting strategies and EAs. We do not allow abusive trading such as arbitrage, grid trading or other forms of cheating.

Yes. Refunds can be given on evaluation purchases if you change your mind and if you have not traded the account within the first 14 days. Once you take the first trade on the account, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Funded Trading Plus’ Trading Platform technology is powered by Eightcap. Traders can choose their preferred platform upon signing up with Funded Trading Plus, subject to availability.

Eightcap offer the tightest spreads on the widest range of markets. Eightcap also has all the major global regulatory licences, so we are satisfied that our capital is secure.

We only use a fully regulated and insured broker and the money is therefore guaranteed to be available to be paid out to our successful traders.

We want consistent traders because together, we can profit for mutual benefit. This is the reason why we are very selective over the broker/s and liquidity providers that we work with. We know that our selection/s will pay out when you make a profit as they have global regulation. From our perspective, it is in our best interest to ensure you get your profits as this means you will continue to trade with us and ultimately that benefits us both long term.

We do not, however you can trade CFD markets, which include the Nasdaq, SPX and US30 among many others.

Learn about the differences between CFDs and Futures here:

See a full list of the markets that we offer:

A swap-free trading account is a trading account where swaps (overnight commissions) are not charged. As these charges are considered as lending by some, brokers do sometimes remove the swaps and instead charge an admin fee instead. The end result for the broker is the same and for the trader, it’s usually more expensive.

All our Funded Trading Accounts are owned by us. Traders never own the funded account they simply get access to trade our account as a contractor. Any commission fees shown on the account may be borrowing or lending being done by Funded Trading Plus, not the trader. The commissions are used in our calculations of the success of the trader.

Ask yourself the question: If I’m a contractor, not an account owner does it now matter if the account is not swap-free? You personally will not be borrowing or lending any money to anyone.

Remember we are not a broker, and therefore it is not possible for us to give anybody a swap-free account or any investment account of any type.

No, there is no real profit generated in an evaluation account, so you cannot withdraw profits from the evaluation.



Our outstanding training and support package has
helped hundreds of traders gain access to funded trading capital.

The package includes:

The Demon Scalping course
Trading Psychology course
Lifetime access to the Trade Room Plus Live Trade Room
A one-on-one goals session with a professional funded trader
Direct access to a professional funded trader


JUST $799