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Important Message For All Clients, Globally

As I am sure you will no doubt be aware,  there has been a significant shift across the industry by all brokers when it comes to the provision of MT4 & MT5 platforms within funded trading. 

Initially this instability only affected clients in the US and connected territories. 

As you know, Eightcap has withdrawn its services from the industry, and we had planned to move all non-US accounts to ThinkMarkets. In the last few hours however, we have received information that very soon (as early as next week) MT4 and MT5 will no longer be available worldwide for use on ThinkMarkets either. 

This is something that we never wanted to occur, but it is something that we nevertheless have planned for. 

Rather than rush to on-board less reputable brokers in a hope that this will somehow preserve MT4 & MT5 for a matter of weeks at a time, and lead to disruption and instability with spontaneous migrations to different service providers, we have taken the decision to cease offering MT4 & MT5 across any of our programs.  

We simply do not trust that any solution to attempt to maintain MT4 & MT5 services will be stable in the long term, and this is frankly unacceptable to us as a firm.  

This means, we will no longer offer MT4 and MT5 accounts for purchase from this point forward, and will instead transition our business to offer a diverse range of platforms away from MT4 & MT5. 

We firmly believe the future of the industry lies within offering a diverse range of platforms for use for all, globally. 

As a result we will be starting a global offering of DXtrade with immediate effect, and we will be migrating all remaining MT4 & MT5 accounts to DXtrade on Wednesday 28th February at 1600 GMT. You will receive a separate email confirming details for this shortly. 

To ensure a range of choice for you as a valued client, we have also already commenced our plans to integrate cTrader, and we are also exploring other platforms. 

For those who are interested in TradingView, we will be in a position very soon to offer this via our DXtrade accounts. 

As ever, we can only apologise for this current period of instability. This is industry-wide, and whilst this is true, we acknowledge that this in itself is not helpful to you as a client, and we fully appreciate how unsettling this is. 

Please be assured that we have a strong track record of responding to evolving crises, and we will continue to work around the clock to ensure that your experience is disrupted as little as possible, whilst we all adjust to the future of the industry together.



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