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MetaTrader to DXtrade Migration FAQ

Q: What will happen to my account balance?
A: Your account balance as at 1600 GMT 28th February 2024 will be transferred seamlessly to your DXtrade account.

Q: How long will the migration take?
A: We expect the migration to take around 5 hours, we will then test everything to ensure the migration was successful. We expect everything to be concluded within 8 hours.

Q: Will my old account details work?
A: No, you will receive an email with your new account credentials, including account number(s) and password(s) – this will be unique to you, please do not share these credentials with anybody.

Q: Is there a mobile app?
A: We are anticipating a dedicated mobile app this week, however until then, you can log into DXtrade on a mobile browser whilst the app solution is being worked on by DXtrade. Until the app is released, the best experience will be on desktop or tablet.

Q: I’m a multi-day timeframe trader, I don’t want to close my positions, what should I do?
A: Unfortunately accounts need to be flat (no open simulated-trades), please contact [email protected] to discuss your specific circumstances should you feel concerned about this aspect. Please note if you do not close your positions, that all simulated-trades will be automatically closed at 1600 GMT 28th February 2024.

Q: Why can I no longer use MetaTrader platforms?
A: This is a decision made by MetaQuotes who own MetaTrader platforms who appear to be removing their support to brokers who make MetaTrader platforms available to the industry. It is unlikely that MetaTrader platforms will be available industry-wide, and the future is likely to be alternative platforms.

Q: Where can I learn how to use DXtrade?
A: The experience is very intuitive and the interface is user friendly – we will be publishing user guides shortly, and in the meantime please enjoy exploring this modern platform.

Q: Where do I find my account balance within DXtrade? The number looks different to what I was expecting?
A: Please make sure you are looking at the current balance. DXtrade account numbers are 6 digits, and these can be confused for a balance figure. In DXtrade you will find your account number on the far right of the screen, under ‘Account’, this will give a 6 digit number followed by USD, this number will always stay the same on this account, whereas your balance is on the left of the screen.




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