Which is the best forex or futures online trade funding firm?

There are a number of forex and futures online trading funding firms willing to give retail (normal individual people) traders a large trading account. The main companies are listed and compared below. The choice of which company you chose is a personal one, please do your own research and make sure you fully understand the differences between the different business models. See below the table for further resources.

Compare forex and futures trade funding firms here:

Funded Trading PlusThe 5%ersTopstep TraderMy Forex FundsOneup TraderFTMO
Largest Immediate
Account Size

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the usual funded trading model. The trailing drawdowns that other providers place mean you are trading with a fraction of the nominal amount. For example, they will advertise you have a £50,000 account, but if you lose £2,000 then the account gets closed. It's a £50,000 account in name only. We allow you a 50% drawdown, and this allows you to trade properly.

Large Drawdown

If you qualify for a live trading account, we will instantly refund you your fee.

Fee Refunded
upon qualification?

We will send you an instant cash reward of up to £20,000. Not gimmicks, no ‘unlocking criteria’, just money straight to you.

Instant Cash
Qualification Reward?

We allow you to hold trades overnight. Both on your qualification and live trading account. We will not force you to be a day trader as most others do

Hold Trades Overnight?

We allow you to hold trades over the weekend. Both on your qualification and live trading account.

Hold Trades
Over the Weekend?

Our talented trader program is testing your ability to pick winning trades at a 2/1 risk reward ratio. That is it. There are no daily / weekly stop loss limits. No limitations around holding overnight, over the weekend or during news. There is no need to worry about position sizing, contracts or trailing drawdown that strangles your progress.

Simple Rules?

We do not make you have a minimum number of trades or trading days before you are allowed to withdraw profit.

Withdraw Profit
Whenever You

We provide both the Forex and Index markets. You are not forced to choose which path you want to take.

Forex And Index

You may withdraw as much or as little of your profit as you wish.

Minimum Withdrawal

Most providers will offer 3-10% trailing drawdown. This means the reality of your account is a fraction of what it presents itself as.

Max Drawdown %50%4%3%12%3.3%10%

There are no minimum or maximum number of trading days with our talented trader program.

Minimum Trading