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Our Products and Services 

Funded Trading Plus provides to its customers, for either no cost (in the case of a demonstration of the platform), or for a fee (in the case of paid programs), access to its simulated trading environment. 

Platform Demonstration

The free platform demonstration allows potential customers to try our platform, its execution, and the exact conditions that they can expect to experience in any of our paid programs.  

We encourage our customers to take advantage of this free opportunity to determine whether Funded Trading Plus’s conditions are right for them.  There is no difference between the conditions offered in our platform demonstration and the conditions offered in our paid programs, and we purposefully provide the same environment to assist our customers in making an informed choice. 

Paid Programs 

For the fees laid out in our pricing table, and individual program pages, users will have access to our zero-phase, one-phase, and two-phase programs.  

Each of these programs have different parameters in order to provide a variety of conditions which may be favourable to different styles of participation.  These paid programs are delivered using simulated-live accounts only.  At no point in any of the programs will users trade in real-world financial instruments, i.e. CFDs, securities, or commodities.  All simulated trades are fictitious in nature, and do not involve the purchasing of any related financial instruments, including those listed above. 

Paid programs present the opportunity for customers to receive an experience akin to managing a large trading account, but in a purely simulated environment.  To be clear, this is not intended to be the same experience as if these were the personal funds of the customer due to the perceived psychological differences of managing simulated funds, versus personal real-world funds.  The environment facilitates customers to demonstrate to Funded Trading Plus how they would manage funds of that scale.  In return for participation Funded Trading Plus offers the opportunity for participants to receive proportions of simulated profits generated by being awarded a successful participation payment where applicable (in real-world currencies). This is to thank you for your successful participation in advancing our knowledge of profitable trading strategies. 

Whilst this is the case, and may appear enticing, before making a purchase of any paid program, Funded Trading Plus implores its customers to consider the financial risk to them by participating in our programs. We only want our customers to pay for a paid program with funds that they can afford to spend.  

At all times the maximum sum a customer will pay by participating in a paid program is the price of that paid program. This fee is not a deposit or investment. The fee goes towards the administration costs of servicing the complexities of the simulated-live environment, our staffing costs, and in the accrual of capital to service payments to successful “FT+ Trader” contractors. 

Statement of Good Faith 

Funded Trading Plus does not, has not, and will never knowingly engage in practices which maliciously disadvantage customers. 

This includes the creation of artificial groups with less favourable conditions for successful customers, and / or the artificial manipulation of slippage, spreads and commissions outside of simulated real-market conditions which are provided as default by our internationally regulated broker, Eightcap. 

Funded Trading Plus has always operated in good faith to and for our customers. We have clear terms and conditions that govern what our customers can and cannot do whilst participating in our programs. These rules are created to protect the integrity of the business and to ensure its longevity, however we have always been transparent and clear about what those rules and terms are. 

Funded Trading Plus has never and will never plot or scheme to avoid paying a legitimate customer an award of the simulated profits they have generated through legitimate strategies. Legitimate strategies do not include arbitrage, cheating or third-party account management.

How We Use Your Trading Results 

Funded Trading Plus is at the forefront of research into profitable trading strategies using simulated-live conditions. Since 2021 we have been scoping and developing the advancement of knowledge in this area and continue to work on our (confidential) proprietary technologies. 

Our paid programs provide the vehicle in which customers participate in this research, and consent is sought at the outset of our paid programs to allow customers’ anonymised simulated-trading records to be used to inform our data-set. 

Funded Trading Plus may at any point either during, or following the completion of a paid program (either by successful award of a commission for simulated-profits generated, or by termination, through breach of the associated rules) use the knowledge gained for its own profit. The extent to which we do this is currently under development, and is proprietary in nature. Whilst we will never disclose in precise detail how anonymised trading information is used, for absolute clarity, it may be that we never make an additional profit from your participation beyond the initial fee received as a result of you purchasing our paid programs.

The Use of “Simulated-Loss” in Simulated-Live Accounts 

Our research relies upon trading strategies that operate within certain parameters of risk.  We set each drawdown threshold to experiment with different variables within a simulated-live environment, to determine approaches towards risk management that have the capacity to generate profit.  

As we are building our dataset of successful traders, we can only use those accounts which operate within the parameters we have set.  As a result, staying within the simulated-loss parameters is used by us as a proxy indicator for trading success.  

Accounts that breach the simulated-loss parameters are excluded from our data set and we cannot use these accounts to advance our knowledge, they are therefore disabled and the paid program is ended.  

This is in fulfilment of our contract with you either as a customer, or as a contracted researcher providing simulated trading services. The end of your participation by these means signifies Funded Trading Plus as having fully delivered our services to you.

Risk Disclosure 

Funded Trading Plus does not make any promises of return of any kind for the participation in its simulated-live programs.  As with any activity related to the financial markets where leveraged products or services are offered – whether with real funds in real markets, or using simulated funds in a simulated-live environment, market volatility combined with leverage (simulated or otherwise) increases the risk of failure. 

Importantly, our experience shows that significantly more participants fail paid programs than are successful.  Once again, Funded Trading Plus strongly recommends that participants only pay to join a paid program if they can afford to spend the evaluation fee with no guarantee of greater return. 

Limitations of a Simulated Environment

Hypothetical performance results are not representative of real-world trading scenarios, including the psychology at play when encountering losses. Do not use successes or losses within our programs to inform any future decisions as to whether to invest personal funds in personal accounts with retail brokerages, as the results will likely differ significantly, and could be to the trader’s detriment. 


We do not solicit our traders to invest any funds in any retail markets.  Do not take any statements within our website or promotional materials as an invitation to invest funds with any brokerage for the purposes of trading financial markets, including CFDs, securities and indices. We discourage such practices.

Capital Reserves 

Funded Trading Plus always maintains liquid fiat capital reserves far in excess of the requirements needed to cover the scenario where every customer participating in a paid program goes on to request access to simulated-profits via withdrawals. 

The extent of these reserves ensures that customers can then successfully withdraw these simulated profits into real-world currencies within our published timeframes. 

We have done this as a cornerstone of our business since inception, and have maintained, and will continue to maintain, this approach throughout our operations.   

In the Event of Voluntary Closure of Funded Trading Plus  

Funded Trading Plus has no plans whatsoever to cease trading. We intend to build on our success and to continue to be your #1 firm, year after year.

We provide these statements in good faith, to be accountable, should this position change in the future.

Where Funded Trading Plus, for whatever reason, voluntarily decides to cease trading, we will fulfil the following obligations:

We will announce that participation in paid programs is to stop, and provide a timeframe for this. 

We will ensure that any customers who are currently engaged in an evaluation phase of any paid program will receive a full refund back to their initial payment method, and customers will be informed when this has been actioned. This will be done as a priority.  

For any customers participating in the simulated-live funded phase of our programs, all trades will be closed and the account balance at that point in time will be used to determine any relevant simulated profit within the account.  The relevant award for participation will be honoured and sent to the participant’s preferred payment method.



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