The 5 Star Promise is more than just a commitment; it’s a reflection of our dedication to providing an exceptional trading experience for all of our trader customers. Our 5 Star Promise is a pledge to ensure that every aspect of our service exceeds your expectations.

Our 5 Stars are:

⭐ Competitive Program Pricing

⭐ Trusted Payout Assurance

⭐ Fair & Transparent Rules

⭐ Swift & Seamless User Journey

⭐ Always Available 24/7 Support


Competitive Program Pricing

We understand the importance of affordability in this industry. Our pricing structure is carefully designed to be competitive. We believe we offer the best balance of program parameters and price. This approach ensures that our programs are accessible and fair across a range of prices, and for a range of skill sets – whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.

Trusted Payout Assurance

Trust is everything.  At FT+, we stand by our Trusted Payout Assurance, we make fast, timely and accurate payouts. This assurance is a pillar of our reputation as the most trusted firm in the industry, reflecting our commitment to financial integrity and reliability.

Fair & Transparent Rules

Clarity and fairness are key to providing a 5 Star experience. Our programs are governed by simple rules that are not only fair but also completely transparent – with no surprises. We believe in providing you with clear guidelines, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make your own choices.

Swift & Seamless User Journey

Your user journey should be as smooth as possible. From the moment you join FT+, you’ll experience a streamlined process, from your initial registration all the way through to receiving payouts. Our platform is designed for efficiency, ensuring a swift and seamless experience that lets you focus on what you need to succeed.

Always Available 24/7 Support

We are here for you around the clock. Our 24/7 support team are real people and always available to assist with any queries or issues. Whether it’s a quick rules clarification, question or a query about our simulated-live environment, our dedicated team is ready to provide the support you need, whenever you need it.

Recent TrustPilot 5 Star Reviews

I’ve been trading with Funded Trading…

I’ve been trading with Funded Trading Plus for over a month now and they are truly about the best prop firm out there for serious traders. Their rules are clearly stated and customer support is always available and helpful. I’ve had 2 seamless withdrawals so far. Date of experience: 07 November 2023 – Ese Omame

FT+ is the best Prop firm

FT+ is the best Prop firm. I’ve been able to reach out to them when I have questions and they always respond. They were the first to have no time-limits on their accounts and that just goes to show they actually care about the trader rather than just trying to fail people for the fees. Fantastic experience with these guys. Date of experience: 08 November 2023 – Rae

Seamless and professional

I applied for my evaluation with FTP at the beginning of October 2023. This was following a few months of market research and comparison – also waiting for favourable market conditions! The information presented by FTP and their style of communication was a big factor for me. The terms of use, rules and programme configuration are extremely clear. Compared to other firms I researched, I felt there was no ambiguity about the nature of the programmes offered by FTP and the firm’s rules – there is definitely a more mature edge to the firm’s marketing and approach to traders. On a final and slightly more instinctive thought, I think the type of character and level of care Simon demonstrates in both his videos and writings provide a much needed human element. From what I have seen, Simon and the team appear to be straight-talking and take both the firm and the trading industry seriously. Thank you, FTP, for the journey so far! Date of experience: 09 November 2023 – Matthew


Greetings, For me Funded Trading Plus It is the best funding company that currently exists. The platform is very intuitive, and they also have excellent customer service. But what I like most is its transparency. I feel extremely good and calm working with this company. Without fear of success. Date of experience: 07 November 2023 – Lamanoinvisable

Literally have nothing bad to say about…

Literally have nothing bad to say about the company. It’s now my 3rd time being funded. I’ve experienced zero problems with payouts. Little to no slippage on trades taken, and clear rules to follow Date of experience: 07 November 2023 – Bruce Leroy

Excellent support team

The support team & management was very efficient in responding to my queries, clarifying technical concepts on how they work(i.e. maximum drawdowns and etc) and really showed me that they care about my development & success as a trader. Management is not all about collecting evaluation fees from traders, they really showed me that they cared about my development and success as they took their time to efficiently respond and resolve my technical queries I encountered. Date of experience: 08 November 2023 – Phakisho Marote
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Our outstanding training and support package has
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The Demon Scalping course
Trading Psychology course
Lifetime access to the Trade Room Plus Live Trade Room
A one-on-one goals session with a professional funded trader
Direct access to a professional funded trader


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