Platform Demonstration

Online Platform Test

See Important Execution Details With These Demonstration Accounts

Here, you can:

  • check spreads
  • check execution speed
  • check lot size

This is a $100,000 1:30 leverage account on the same server as our programs. Drawdown is removed so that this demonstration account is not breached.

You can pull up the account and take trades. Please do not overuse this resource and close all trades.

To check lot size calculations:

  • $200,000 multiply by 2
  • $50,000 divide by 2
  • $25,000 divide by 4
  • $12,500 divide by 8

If You Want to Practice Trading on your own account

Funded Trading Plus does not directly offer individual demonstration account to practice trades on.


Dashboard Preview

Funded Trading Plus Dashboard
Funded Trading Plus Dashboard 2