What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm

What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm?

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What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm?

If you have been trading online for a while but now want to move to funded trading, then you may be asking what is the best forex prop trading firm? The best forex prop trading firm will depend on your goals and what you look for as a trader, but you should consider reputation, track record, profit target, fees the firm will charge, and their experience in the market, and as traders themselves when deciding which funding forex trading platform to use.

To find the best Forex prop trading firm;

  • look online to see what other people have to say about the firm. You may also want to consider talking to someone who has used the firm in the past.
  • consider the amount of experience that they have as a trading platform
  • make sure that the firm charges a fair price for its services. This will help to ensure that you are not overpaying for their services.
  • Check the firm’s criteria for funded trading accounts to ensure you have the credentials required.


Funded Traded Plus – A Forex Prop Trading Firm

Now that you know what to look for when trying to find the best Forex prop trading firm, take a look at Funded Trading Plus. Funded Trading Plus is an extension of Trade Room Plus which started in 2013 and is the UK’s premier live trade room for retail traders.

As one of the very few trading educators that actually trade live, we have trained large numbers of retail traders to take profitable trades and make trading their full-time profession and we understand that a common problem retail traders face is that they only have access to a limited amount of money to trade with.

Funded Trading Plus removes this inequality by providing experienced traders with funds that can help them generate higher returns from their trades and is a great opportunity for forex and futures traders looking for risk management from one of the best prop trading firms.

Why Funded Trading?

Most new traders start with a low capital base, which limits their ability to weather drawdowns and capitalize on winning streaks. Without sufficient capital, a trader will be forced to either reduce their position size or take less profitable trades, both of which can erode their account value.

On top of this, many new traders underestimate the costs of trading. Expenses to factor in include commissions, slippage, and platform fees. As a result, they are often left with little room for error and are quickly wiped out when the markets turn against them.

Successful Trading Tips

To be successful in trading, it is essential to have a robust capital base that can withstand market volatility, which is why a funded trading firm could be the support you need.

Funded Trading Plus is one of several established prop trading firms that provides its traders with ample capital to trade with and access to high-quality resources and support to give them a distinct advantage in the market and allow them to pursue their trading career without worry.

Prop Firms vs Own Capital

The biggest problem with trading your own money is that you are fully invested at all times, which means that you are subject to the swings of the market. This can lead to large drawdowns, which can be difficult to recover from.

When you trade for a prop firm, you are only required to maintain a small account balance, which means that your risk is limited. In addition, prop firms typically have access to superior resources and technology, which can give you an edge in the market.

Most top proprietary trading firms offer large sums of instant funding, a set period to complete the profit target, a huge range of trading instruments, and a competitive profit split.

By trading for a prop firm, you will be able to receive expert guidance and mentorship from experienced traders, which can help you become an even more successful trader yourself.


So How Does Prop Trading Work?

Prop trading is a type of trading that involves using a funding firm’s money to trade securities, rather than the trader’s cash. In other words, the firm is putting its own capital at risk in order to make a profit through the skill of funded traders. The potential rewards of prop trading are high, but so are the risks.

To be successful, a prop trader must have a deep understanding of the markets and be able to spot opportunities that others may not see. Prop trading can be conducted by individual investors or by institutional investors such as hedge funds and prop traders are often very aggressive in their approach, and they must be willing to take risks.

While prop trading can be very profitable, it is not for everyone. Only those with trading experience, solid trading strategy knowledge, and understanding of trading rules who are willing to take on significant risk should consider pursuing this type of trading.

Examples Of Risk

Before getting into any investments, it’s important to understand the risks involved compared to the potential rewards. This is known as the risk reward ratio. No matter how good of a track record an investment fund has, there’s always the potential for loss.

For example, even if an investment has historically gained 35% in a year, there’s still a chance it will end up negative. In other words, no investment is ever guaranteed to make money but by diversifying one’s portfolio and understanding the risks involved with each investment, it’s possible to minimize losses and maximize gains over the long term.

Ready To Try Prop Trading?

If you’ve been trading for a while and are looking for a way to access more capital, Funded Trading Plus can help. We offer funding from our proprietary fund for experienced traders who are able to complete our evaluation process.

Already an experienced trader? Get funded now

Our team has each been in the business of trading for over a decade and has been providing initial balance to traders since 2013 to help hundreds of traders reach their financial goals.

If you’re skilled and experienced, we may be able to provide the funding you need to take your trading to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and you could get funded and receive a payout in less than 3 days!


Forex Proprietary Trading Firms FAQs


What Is A Forex Prop Trading Firm?

A forex prop trading firm is a company that provides traders with capital to trade with in return for a percentage of their profits.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is the process of buying and selling currencies to profit from the changes in their value.

How Does Forex Prop Trading Work?

Proprietary trading firms allow traders to trade with firm capital instead of their own capital. These firms will provide traders with an account that is funded with firm money. In return for this arrangement, prop firms take a percentage of any profits that their traders generate. 

To try and get the best results from their funded traders, proprietary trading firms will typically have strict guidelines and standards that their traders must meet to maintain their accounts. For example, most prop firms require their traders to maintain a certain risk-to-reward ratio, meet a minimum trading period, or hit certain profit targets in their trading account before they can withdraw any money from their accounts. 

How To Become A Funded Trader

To become a funded trader, you will usually need to complete an evaluation process with your chosen forex prop trading firm. The assessment will test your trading skills and knowledge and could cover things like financial markets, advanced trading strategies, forex pairs, and future trading knowledge as an example. Once assessed, you will then need to meet any ongoing criteria such as minimum trading days set by the prop trading firm.

What Are The Risks Involved With Prop Trading?

Whilst prop trading, short for proprietary trading, can be a successful strategy, it also comes with a higher level of risk. The biggest risk involved with forex prop trading is the potential to lose your entire account balance if the markets move against you.

  • Prop traders are often more aggressive in their approach, as they are seeking to maximise profits for the firm. This can lead to large losses if the market moves against them.
  • Prop trading firms often use leverage, meaning that they can lose more money than they have in their account if their bets go against them. 
  • Prop traders may be less diversified than other traders, as they tend to focus on a smaller number of instruments. This lack of diversification can also lead to greater losses if the market moves against them.

It’s important therefore to know that prop trading is not for everyone and before embarking on this strategy, you should understand the risks involved and ensure that you are comfortable with them.

Benefits Of Forex Prop Trading

As prop traders typically trade with the funding firm’s money, not their own, they have much greater flexibility in how they trade. For instance, a prop trader may choose to hold a position for a longer period of time than a traditional trader to try and capture a larger price move.

  • Prop trading can help traders to diversify their portfolios as they can trade in different currencies and in different markets which helps to reduce their risks and to make more profits.
  • Prop trading firms usually provide their traders with demo accounts where they can learn and practice their trading strategies without risking any real money.
  • A big benefit for forex prop trading is that it allows traders to use leverage to trade. This means that traders can trade with a much larger amount of capital than you would be able to on your own. This can lead to increased profits, as well as access to superior resources and technology.

What To Look For In Prop Trading Firms?

  • First and foremost, you want to make sure that the firm is reputable and has a good track record. You can research this by reading online reviews and speaking to other traders who have experience with the firm.
  • It’s also important to make sure that the firm offers a good risk-to-reward ratio. This means that they should offer a competitive funding amount in return for a reasonable percentage of your profits.
  • You want to make sure that the firm has experienced and knowledgeable traders who can provide you with guidance and mentorship. This will help you become a successful trader in the long run.
  • Review costs involved including ongoing monthly fees and profit split.



Overall, proprietary trading provides aspiring professional traders with an opportunity to learn how to trade with real money without having to put their own capital at risk. If you’re thinking about becoming a professional trader, prop trading may be worth considering as a way to get your start in the industry. Contact the team to be a successful trader. If it all looks good, then you can be funded properly to become a professional trader.

As the world of forex trading becomes increasingly competitive, prop trading firms have emerged as a key player in the market. Prop firms are firms that trade on their own account, using their own capital. These firms typically take on a large amount of risk and seek to generate high returns. In return for taking on this risk, prop firms receive a share of the profits generated.

There are a number of prop firms to watch out for in the forex market including the team here at Funded Trading Plus. Our  team of experienced and successful forex traders trade on a daily basis and the firm has a strong focus on risk management, which has helped it to achieve consistent profits over time while delivering great customer service and support to our funded traders. 

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