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Launching a New Podcast with Simon Massey, CEO of Funded Trading Plus

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast featuring insightful discussions with our industry leading executive team. In the inaugural episode, we have the privilege of hosting Simon Massey, the CEO of Funded Trading Plus. Simon shares his expert perspective on a critical issue facing the trading industry: the sudden collapse of major companies. Below, we delve into the key points from this episode.

Thoughts on Companies Collapsing Suddenly

Simon Massey addresses the phenomenon of well-known companies collapsing unexpectedly. He attributes this to a “race to the bottom” within the industry, where firms aggressively compete by offering unsustainable conditions with large discounts. He emphasizes that while longevity and stability are crucial, many companies prioritize rapid growth and competitive advantages at the expense of sustainable practices. This approach leads to increased risk-taking among traders and financial instability for the firms involved.

Risk Management and Trader Behavior

To sustain prop firms in an environment marked by high-risk behaviour, Simon says that some companies are introducing new rules such as imposing limits on daily gains. He points out the influx of “toxic traders” who treat funded accounts as short-term gambling opportunities, are creating significant stress for firms. Funded Trading Plus is avoiding introducing strategies such as banning news trading or implementing daily profit caps and is instead asking their traders to be more responsible in their trading practices.

Social Media and Industry Perception

Simon highlights the dual impact of social media on the industry. While it amplifies both positive and negative perceptions, it also opens the door to manipulation and blackmail. Disgruntled traders may threaten firms with negative reviews in exchange for concessions. Simon underscores the importance of maintaining a fair and transparent reputation, navigating the social media landscape carefully to uphold the integrity of the firm.

Company Philosophy and Market Position

Focusing on realistic and sustainable trading programs is essential for long-term viability, according to Simon. He contrasts firms that offer overly generous conditions and eventually collapse with those that maintain a balanced approach. By avoiding aggressive discounts and excessively high leverage, firms can foster stability. Reasonable rules and conditions help ensure a sustainable model that can withstand market fluctuations.

Sustainable Models and Future Predictions

The prop trading industry is expected to evolve towards more sustainable models, similar to the Futures prop space, which has long imposed strict rules. Simon predicts that by finding a balance that allows quality traders to thrive while deterring high-risk behaviour, the industry can achieve greater stability. Firms adopting sustainable practices and effective risk management will likely be better positioned for long-term success.

Trader Education and Community Engagement

Educating traders on responsible risk management and long-term strategies is another key point Simon discusses. Providing platforms for learning and community engagement, such as live trade rooms, can help traders develop sustainable practices. Encouraging a mindset focused on retaining funded accounts for the long term, rather than pursuing quick gains, will contribute to a healthier trading environment.

Final Thoughts

As the prop trading landscape undergoes significant changes in the coming months and years, the focus will shift towards models that emphasize sustainability and responsible trading. Firms prioritizing stability, transparency, and trader education will be better equipped to navigate these changes and continue to thrive in the evolving market.

Stay tuned for more episodes of our podcast, where we will continue to bring you valuable insights from industry experts. We look forward to sharing more of Simon Massey’s wisdom and the latest trends shaping the trading world.




  1. What inspired the launch of this podcast?

    • The podcast aims to provide valuable insights from our executive team and other trading experts, starting with the critical issue of company collapses in the prop trading industry.

  2. Who is Simon Massey?

    • Simon Massey is the CEO of Funded Trading Plus, known for his expertise in risk management and sustainable trading practices.

  3. What is the primary focus of the first episode?

    • The first episode discusses the sudden collapse of major companies, risk management, social media’s impact, and sustainable trading models.

  4. How can traders benefit from this podcast?

    • Traders can gain insights into responsible trading practices, risk management, and industry trends from experienced professionals like Simon Massey.

  5. Where can listeners access the podcast?

    • The podcast will be available on YouTube and major streaming platforms, providing easy access to valuable industry insights.

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