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1 Year – Learns to Trade, Gets Funded!

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How Begineer Trader got Funded within a Year

In this interview with our recently funded trader, Megan, we find out that in just 1 year she learns to trade, finds a strategy that works for her and passes our prop firm evaluation. She is now a funded trader and is looking forward to a profitable future.

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Prop Trader Statistics

When we look at Megan’s statistics we can see that she passed the evaluation in just two days. A fast pass like this does mean we need to consider if Megan has overly risked the account and been “lucky” with extreme size trades. The evidence of her trades does however not show this. On the contrary, her record suggests she is a hard work intraday trader.
She took 91 trades, mostly on the DOW, the US30 with a few other trades on other markets including Gold. Her trades last a few minutes and were on average over 15 minutes long. Her win rate was good at 70.33% with a close to 1:1 win v loss ratio.



Our Prop Trader Interview

Have you used any other prop trading firms?

None but I looked into a few other ones. This one was highly recommended by someone in the program.

Why did you pick Funded Trading Plus?

FT+ seems to be very transparent which is something I was looking for. I had a horrible experience with my last trading platform so I wanted to make sure that the next was very transparent.

Please give us a Short History of your Trading

I have been trading for the past year – trying different strategies and different trading styles. I found a strategy that works, I just need to continue to work on the mental aspect of trading.

How would you describe yourself as a trader?

Scalping mostly but I want to start taking some more day trades/swing trades

Why did you start trading and what are your future goals?

I want financial and time freedom.

What has been your biggest trading success?

Well, even though I came to learn that binary options trading is not a super legitimate form of trading but I built an account from $500 to $187K in a few months. Outside of that ‘false accomplishment’, I think just learning to trade mainly on my own has been my biggest trading success. I have not had much formal training – just a lot of YouTube, reading articles and watching the market.

What has been your worst trading experience?

Getting wrapped up in binary is definitely my worst trading experience. The time I spent learning binary I could have spent learning to trade traditional forex.

What is the main strategy that you use?

I start by analyzing the charts at 1 day then work my way to 15 minutes – identifying key support/resistance areas. I mark up those areas and set alerts to go off when those are reached. If I am seeing a lot of moment, sometimes I will analyze down to 1 minutes to catch big movements in small amounts of time. I do not use indicators or anything, I more so try to analyze price action and candlestick formations.

Do you have systems to help money management and trade planning?

Yes! I keep a Google Sheet

Do you keep a trade log?


Can you describe a typical trading day?

Wake up and grab a cup of coffee, open tradingview and look up the news for the day. Then I start analyzing the marking and marking my charts. I set alerts to go off at certain resistance levels and once those alerts go off, I watch the market to see if the RL is going to be respected or not then take trades based on that.

What advice would you give an aspiring trader?

Don’t give up! Be patient and trust your trades. I look back at some of my trades and if I would have just trusted myself, I would have made a lot in profit.

What are your top 3 tips for passing funded trading tests?

Patience, trust your trades, and set your stop loss!


Megan shows here that it is possible for a non-trader to become profitable in a relatively short time. We’ve been impressed with her approach to trading and we look forward to her having a long prop trading career with us.

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