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Entering Forex Trades Across 28 Pairs

Guide to Entering Forex Trades Across 28 Pairs

Reading Time: 10 minutes To trade Forex across 28 pairs, you’ll need a reliable trading platform that offers access to a wide range of currency pairs. Start by researching and selecting a reputable forex broker that provides this coverage. Once you have an account, analyse the currency pairs using technical and fundamental analysis to identify potential trading opportunities. Develop a trading strategy, set clear

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What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm

What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm?

Reading Time: 10 minutes What Is The Best Forex Prop Trading Firm? If you have been trading online for a while but now want to move to funded trading, then you may be asking what is the best forex prop trading firm? The best forex prop trading firm will depend on your goals and what you look for as a trader, but you should

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How to Trade Without Trading Indicators Using Price Action

How to Trade Without Trading Indicators Using Price Action

Reading Time: 10 minutes Price action is the preferred indicator for many forex traders because it is a direct representation of market activity so if you’re wondering how to trade without trading indicators using price action, in this guide, we’ll explain what it takes as well as sharing some useful tips to help you along the way. Trading indicators are a fantastic way to

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forex trading for living

Forex Trading For Living – How To Make A Living With Forex

Reading Time: 12 minutes If you’re new to trading, you might be wondering whether you can really make a living trading Forex. The answer is yes! It is perfectly possible to rely on forex trading for living. Whether you’re hoping to trade Forex for a living or gain a passive income stream to pay for luxuries such as holidays or experiences, there is some

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Tips to Pass Funded Challenge

Tips to Pass Funded Challenge from one of our Traders!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why you don’t need a High Win Rate to be Profitable in the Financial Markets Are you on the brink of profitability? Do you have a back-tested trading strategy you can follow with discipline? Can you stick to sensible risk management? Well if you have all of the above, you’ll be pleased to read that you don’t even need a

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